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United States Policy Towards Liberia 1822 to 2003

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Examines the complex and often troubled relations (economic, social, cultural, political, ideological, and military) between the United States and Liberia from the dawn of the 19th century to 2003. Describes beneficial aspects and pitfalls inherent in the relationship and sets forth a "road map" for improvement of U.S. policy. Focuses on the era of civil war in Liberia (1989 to 2003), U.S. containment of Liberia's president, Charles G. Taylor, and the resultant collapse of the nation. A provacative case study for how the U.S. treats post-conflic nations. Appendix gives Liberia's presidents and interim heads of state, diplomatic representation of U.S. and Liberia, interview of Charles taylor, and chronologies of key Liberian events updated to May 2007.


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